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posted 29 Sep 2013, 14:36 by Unknown user

Last November 2012 Kinvara GAA and Camogie Clubs held a hugely successful Auction to help raise funds for the Purchase for 5 acres adjacent to our currentpitch.

This auction raised enough money for us to effectively buy the new land without having to get any loan, with the shortfall being funded from both our GAA and Camogie clubs. We sincerely thank the local community and the wider South Galway and North Clare communities also, who all kindly supported our Monster Auction. 
This new 5 acres is now registered in our club name and we are now the official owners of our new field.

In April of this year 2013, we filed a planning application to Galway Co Co , for a proposed development of a fully sized natural grass GAA playing field with associated floodlighting, goals and netting, hurling wall ball, synthetic grass training area, walking track, boundary walls and other ancilliary services.
Galway Co Co came back to us looking for further information. This further information is being forwarded to them and we now await their favourable response.

Our next step after this is to start development. Our plan is to start in the new year. Obviously this will be a massive undertaking financially. We are currently reviewing all Grant options and will pursue all these options available to us.
We do know that we will have to fundraise a considerable amount ourselves, and as a result we have embarked on our principal 2013 fundraiser – King and Queen of the Castle.
This fundraiser will involve many events during the months of October and November, with a target that the winner being announced on Sat 7th December.

The King and Queen of the Castle will operate with our 3 clubs (Senior, Juvenile & Camogie) each having two candidates – one for the King, other for the Queen. Each club will hold events during the coming two months, and basically the club that raises the most money will be Crowned as the winner.

It is important to note that all monies raised by this will go entirely to our NEW PITCH DEVELOPMENT FUND. This new development will be a huge asset to our community, as not only will it benefit our combined over 400 active playing members, but will also be of benefit to our three national schools, and our ever growing secondary school. Alongside that we have an active club membership who engage in walking and jogging, and our new proposed walkway will provide a safe and scenic environment for them.

We have many events being organised by our Kings and Queens in the coming two months. We hope there will be an event that will entice you to attend and enjoy. We do not expect or wish for our community to attend all, but we do ask for your help and perhaps you may attend and support 1-2 events each. All events we hope will be of a fun and entertaining nature and give value for money.

Let the battle begin!

Yours in sport,
Kinvara GAA and Camogie Clubs