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Kinvara Minors play in 7-aside Tournament

posted 19 Jun 2013, 13:09 by Unknown user
This Saturday 22nd June 2013.

Loughrea Seven a Side Hurling Tournament

 Official Rules

 1.      Participating teams must give official list of 10 players before their first game in the tournament.
2.      Teams must wear jerseys numbered 1 to 10 and must be as per official list.
3.      All games up to and including Semi Final are 20 minutes in length (i.e 10 minutes per half)
4.      Final is 24 minutes in length (12 minutes per half)
5.      In the event of a draw at full time in games up to Final - 3 minutes extra time only will be played. Teams play as they are, no change around occurs.                                                                            (Note for Final: 3 minutes per half).
6.      In the event of a draw after extra time- sudden death applies.
7.      Scores do not count from a puckout.
8.      Substitutes come on and off from the dug-out area only through the stewards and must hand a baton to the player they are replacing.
9.      All players must be eligible minors.
10.  Sin Bin Rule.......A 2 minute sin-bin rule will apply for a professional foul of pulling a player down going through on goal and the rule is at the discretion of the referee

 Minor Seven a Side Tournament  22nd June, 2013

GROUP STAGES              

Loughrea Main Pitch (A)      10.30am     Loughrea Gaels             V       Carnmore
                                                11.00am     Borrisileigh                    V       Mullagh
                                                11.30am     Loughrea Gaels             V       Mullagh
                                                12.00am     Borrisileigh                            V       Carnmore
                                                12.30pm     Carnmore                      V       Mullagh
                                                 1.00pm      Loughrea Gaels            V       Borrisileigh

Loughrea Side Pitch (B)        10.30am     Craughwell                    V       Cappataggle
                                                11.00am     Loughrea Celts             V       O’Donovan Rossa
                                                11.30am     O’Donavan Rossa                 V       Craughwell
                                                12.00am     Loughrea Celts             V       Craughwell
                                                12.30pm     Loughrea Celts             V       Cappataggle
                                                 1.00pm      Cappataggle                  V       O’Donavan Rossa

Kilnadeema Pitch         (C)             10.30am     Kilnadeema/Leitrim     V       Sarsfields
                                                11.00am     Roanmore                               V       Kinvara
                                                11.30am     Kilnadeema/Leitrim     V        Kinvara
                                                12.00am     Sarsfields                       V        Roanmore
                                                12.30pm     Kinvara                        V        Sarsfields
                                                 1.00pm      Kilnadeema/Leitrim     V       Roanmore

Kilconieron Pitch          (D)              10.30am     Kilconieron                             V       St. Thomas’s
                                                11.00am     Clarecastle                              V       Castlegar
                                                11.30am     Kilconieron                    V        Clarecastle
                                                12.00am     St. Thomas’s                 V       Castlegar
                                                12.30pm     Kilconieron                             V        Castlegar
                                                 1.00pm      St. Thomas’s                 V       Clarecastle

1st and 2nd teams emerge from each group (W1 and W2)

Quarter Finals                        

Loughrea Main Pitch             2.30pm             W1 Group A               V       W2 Group B    -  S1
                                                 3.00pm             W2 Group A               V       W1 Group B    -  S"

Loughrea Side Pitch              2.30pm             W1 Group C               V       W2 Group D    -  S3
                                                 3.00pm             W2 Group C               V       W1 Group D    -  S4


Loughrea Main Pitch             4.00pm                      S1                  V       S2
Loughrea Side Pitch              4.00pm                      S3                  V       S4

At 4.45pm



Note: All games must start promptly as scheduled