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U21s beat Abbeyknockmoy

posted 22 Mar 2015, 15:23 by Garret Byrne
U21 B Hurling Championship quarter-final
Sunday 22nd March 2015 in Carnmore

Here is our Live facebook newsfeed from earlier today...............

"Welcome LIVE from Carnmore for this U21 B Hurling Championship quarter-final between Kinvara and Abbeyknockmoy.
Lovely morning here - a bit cold but lovely.

And the game is on!
10 mins gone....Kinvara 0-3, Abbeyknockmoy 0-1.
14 mins gone....Kinvara 0-3, Abbeyknockmoy 0-1. 
We've missed a few more points. Need to settle in a bit more and just concentrate on doing the simple things.
18 mins gone.......Kinvara 1-3, Abbeyknockmoy 0-1.
Rory Cullinane with the major.
20 mins gone......Kinvara 1-4, Abbeyknockmoy 0-1.
25 mins gone.....Kinvara 1-7, Abbeyknockmoy 0-3.
29 mins gone.......Kinvara 1-11,Abbeyknockmoy 0-3.
Halftime: Kinvara 1-12, Abbeyknockmoy 0-3.

25 mins left: Kinvara 1-14, Abbeyknockmoy 0-3.
And a red card each.
24 mins left......Kinvara 1-15, Abbeyknockmoy 0-3. 
A good James O'Hara point from play.
20 mins left.......Kinvara 1-16, Abbeyknockmoy 1-3. 
They get a goal after a penalty was saved.
18 mins left......Kinvara 1-17, Abbeyknockmoy 1-4.
10 mins left.......Kinvara 2-18, Abbeyknockmoy 1-6.
6 mins left.........Kinvara 3-18, Abbeyknockmoy 1-6. 
Conor Whelan with his second green flag.
All subs on at this stage - Alan Keane, Sean Linnane, Patrick Gallagher, and Dylan O'Hanrahan. Mark Bermingham also back on after being earlier substituted.
Result........Kinvara 3-21 to Abbeyknockmoy 1-6.
Kinvara now will face Killimordaly in the semi-final.
So, a good win here. But always areas to work on. The matches are getting harder and we will have to get better if we are to get past the next hurdle.
But for now, well done lads. Good effort and committment, so keep it going.

U21 Kinvara team:
Darragh Kilkelly 
Shane Byrne, Tadhg Reynolds, Steve Bermingham. 
Jason O'Connor, Eanna Linnane, Jame Cronin-Rodger. 
Nessan O'Hanrahan, Mark Bermingham. 
Gary Kilkelly, Conor Whelan, James O'Hara. 
Tommie Kavanagh, Ronan Kilkelly, Rory Cullinane. 
Liam Byrne, Dylan O'Hanrahan, Alan Keane, Sean Linnane, Conor O'Shea, Patrick Gallagher, Tommie Fordham, John Donoghue.